Pre-Charge Cases

Criminal lawyers advising people who have not been charged with a crime, but have concern that they could be charged, are said to be providing “pre-charge counsel.”

The goal of pre-charge legal counsel is to reduce the likelihood of being charged with a crime; and secondarily, to reduce or avoid the possibility of conviction if charged.  In general, this is accomplished in two ways: increase awareness of and compliance with the law in the present and future; and, avoid helping the government obtain evidence of past events via searches, seizures and statements.

People who have the benefit of pre-charge legal counsel often can significantly reduce the chance of being charged with a crime, and significantly improve the outcome that would otherwise occur.

Recent DUI Case Results
  • Super Extreme DUIDismissed
  • DUI, BAC 0.107Not Guilty, Jury Trial.
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.237Not Guilty, Extreme DUI, Jury Trial
  • DUI, BAC 0.149Dismissed with Prejudice.
  • DUI, BAC 0.13Dismissed
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.203Not Guilty, Jury Trial
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.20Not Guilty. Extreme DUI, Jury Trial
  • Felony DUINot Guilty. Felony DUI, Jury Trial
  • DUI BAC .085Not Guilty. Bench Trial
  • DUI, DrugsReduced to reckless driving
  • DUI, BAC 0.120Reduced to reckless driving
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.167Dismissed with Prejudice
  • Super Extreme DUI, BAC 0.223Super Extreme and Extreme Charges Dismissed
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