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    Drunk Driving Fines and Penalties in Arizona 1st Arizona DUI Offense First Drunk Driving Conviction DUI Base Fine = $250 Arizona DUI Surcharge = $200 Probation Surcharge = $10 Prison Construction Assessment = $500 Arizona Xtra DUI Assessment = $500 Jail - Minimum 24 Hours up to 10 Days License Suspension - From 90-360 Days Ignition Interlock Device - Court May Order Installation of Ignition Interlock Device at the exp...
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Recent DUI Case Results
  • Super Extreme DUIDismissed
  • DUI, BAC 0.107Not Guilty, Jury Trial.
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.237Not Guilty, Extreme DUI, Jury Trial
  • DUI, BAC 0.149Dismissed with Prejudice.
  • DUI, BAC 0.13Dismissed
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.203Not Guilty, Jury Trial
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.20Not Guilty. Extreme DUI, Jury Trial
  • Felony DUINot Guilty. Felony DUI, Jury Trial
  • DUI BAC .085Not Guilty. Bench Trial
  • DUI, DrugsReduced to reckless driving
  • DUI, BAC 0.120Reduced to reckless driving
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.167Dismissed with Prejudice
  • Super Extreme DUI, BAC 0.223Super Extreme and Extreme Charges Dismissed
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