Pajerski Law is a boutique law firm that specializes in Criminal Defense law with an emphasis on D.U.I., vehicular assault and vehicular homicide defense. The Pajerski Law firm maintains a limited number of clients which allows Mr. Pajerski to personally handle all aspects of his clients’ cases. Mr. Pajerski does not employ “associates” or law clerks. Mr. Pajerski has conducted over 75 jury trials since 2000.

Mr. Pajerski has been designated a Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of Arizona. In order to qualify for such distinction, an attorney must demonstrate the highest of standards in experience, judgment, effectiveness, professionalism and ethics. As a Specialist, Mr. Pajerski has exhibited to his peers the highest degree of competence in the practice of criminal law. There are currently less than 60 Criminal Law Specialists practicing in Maricopa County.

Managing partner Chad Pajerski prides himself on providing personal service and all clients have Mr. Pajerski’s personal cell phone number to ensure that all questions and concerns are promptly addressed. Mr. Pajerski has practiced Criminal Law exclusively for the last 16 years. Although the Firm has an emphasis on DUI defense, Mr. Pajerski has successfully defended cases ranging for simple traffic offenses to complex Vehicular crimes including Manslaughter and First Degree Murder cases. Mr. Pajerski has successfully handled thousands of criminal cases in City, State and Federal Courts. He has completed several hundred hours of Continuing Legal Education in respect to DUI defense and litigation. Also, Mr. Pajerski is often consulted by fellow defense lawyers on complex DUI legal issues because he is well versed in the areas of breath and blood alcohol testing procedures and enjoys a high rate of success on complex DUI cases. Mr. Pajerski has taught courses on Criminal Procedure at Mesa Community College and Phoenix College, while frequently guest lecturing on trial practice at the ASU College of Law. Mr. Pajerski frequently lectures at DUI Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses for other attorneys. Mr. Pajerski’s past clients include doctors, lawyers, stock brokers, real estate agents, law enforcement officers, and professional athletes.

Pajerski Law is a leading Phoenix, Arizona DUI and criminal defense law firm dedicated to the aggressive representation of clients involving all aspects of vehicular crimes and criminal litigation. We handle cases in Federal, State, Municipal, Juvenile, and Appellate Courts throughout the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area and all of Arizona. Pajerski Law has established itself as one of the premiere Arizona DUI Law Firms.


  • United States Supreme Court
  • U.S. Court of Appeals 9th Circuit
  • Federal Court District of Arizona
  • Supreme Court of Arizona
  • Arizona State Bar
  • National College of D.U.I. Defense
  • Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
Recent DUI Case Results
  • Super Extreme DUIDismissed
  • DUI, BAC 0.107Not Guilty, Jury Trial.
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.237Not Guilty, Extreme DUI, Jury Trial
  • DUI, BAC 0.149Dismissed with Prejudice.
  • DUI, BAC 0.13Dismissed
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.203Not Guilty, Jury Trial
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.20Not Guilty. Extreme DUI, Jury Trial
  • Felony DUINot Guilty. Felony DUI, Jury Trial
  • DUI BAC .085Not Guilty. Bench Trial
  • DUI, DrugsReduced to reckless driving
  • DUI, BAC 0.120Reduced to reckless driving
  • Extreme DUI, BAC 0.167Dismissed with Prejudice
  • Super Extreme DUI, BAC 0.223Super Extreme and Extreme Charges Dismissed
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